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+40,000 VOD films and series:
  • Enjoy a double library of more than 40,000 VOD films and series, including films and series from Netflix, Amazon prime, Prime Video
Discover our exclusive offers
+30,000 Worldwide Channels in 4K/Full HD and HD Quality:

Enjoy a High Quality and stable iptv, with + 30,000 Worldwide Channels, as well as All Pay Channels in 4K/Full HD and HD Quality, Watch your matches at home or on the go, and broadcast the matches of the major professional leagues including World Cup, UEFA Champions League, NBA, NHL, NFL

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  • Simplicity and efficiency

    Very simple installation, plug in and watch your favorite channels instantly.

  • Continuous updates

    Add a benefit here (Delivery, Secure payment, Made in France...)

  • No additional hardware

    No satellite dish to benefit from our service, no more cables and make way for simplicity.

  • Access from anywhere

    Watch TV wherever you are, all you need is a WiFi or 3g/4g connection.

  • Optimized streaming technology

    Network connections 10 Gbit/s bandwidth fast data transmission!

  • 4K/FullHD/HD quality

    Choose the quality according to your bandwidth, everyone can enjoy it.

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Cover IPTV, the best IPTV in France

Internet protocol television, or IPTV, services are gaining ground by providing flexible alternatives to traditional television services. In France, CoverTV stands out as the best IPTV, due to its exceptional quality, diversity of content and ease of use. You can also benefit from a free trial. Whether you want an online subscription for 1 to 12 months or an IPTV box already configured and ready to use, you are sure to find the offer that suits you!

CoverTV, le meilleur IPTV en ligne

Try the best IPTV with ease!

CoverTV has established itself in IPTV services by emphasizing the quality and fluidity of its offers. The high definition of images and the stability of the transmitted stream are 2 assets that attract many users. Subscribers enjoy an optimal viewing experience without interruption, making watching their favorite programs enjoyable and worry-free. Advanced compression technologies also allow for a significant reduction in loading time, providing the most satisfying user experience. So what are you waiting for to subscribe to the best IPTV in France?

CoverTV, le meilleur IPTV

Varied content for all tastes and all ages

One of the great advantages of CoverTV is its rich content library . The best iptv with box or subscription offers a wide range of French and international channels, thus satisfying a diversity of tastes and preferences. Fans of sports, films, series, documentaries or information will find something to satisfy their desires. Additionally, with video-on-demand options, users can access an extensive catalog of movies and series to watch at their convenience.

CoverTV, le meilleur IPTV en France

Cover IPTV, the best IPTV easy to use, accessible and inexpensive

The user interface is intuitive, allowing even novices to easily navigate between the different features and quickly find what they are looking for. The service is accessible on a multitude of screens , including smartphones, tablets, computers and smart TVs, allowing users to enjoy their favorite programs wherever they are and at any time. So whether you want to watch your favorite sports team live, the latest series of the moment, an old must-see film or cartoons for your children, with CoverTV, the best IPTV in France, you have access to everything in just a few clicks !

  • Leiya E

    When we see that we pay for Subscriptions like Netflix Amazon Disney + Apple + salto ect… in addition to channel packages including football channels which are at an exorbitant price…. There we put everything together for less than 60 euros which we pay once for 1 year. Thank you for all the savings, especially with the increase in life, there is no refusal.

  • Kurino C

    the choice of channel is amazing more than 12000!, the vod content is automatically updated with the latest films and recently released series…. a follow-up on discord and whats app what more could you ask for.. the 24h test is free when I tested I did not expect so much so I continued with a one-year subscription without regret

  • Michael F

    On my computer the choice of application is not so obvious and remains quite limited I have the impression. I have VLC but the navigation is perhaps not suitable for iptv. I have to test another application proposal that I saw on the installation part but my PC is more than 15 years old. :(

  • Matthew V

    for those who are wondering if the matches are going well, I confirm it's niquel. The follow-up on discord is very user-friendly, possibility of adding films and series on demand

  • Samia V

    .nothing to say except that it's serious

  • Claude C.

    A real headache for me, I spent a good hour putting my identifiers, fortunately the after-sales service found the error, if you don't respect the capital letters of the given identifiers, it's impossible to connect. In the end the problem is solved but the slightest input error will prevent you from connecting otherwise for the moment everything works to see in the long term. I must admit that the person who helped me was efficient I should have contacted him sooner

  • Franck E

    I took a 3-month subscription because I wasn't sure where I was going, so I finally extended it for another year. In addition to the subscription, an after-sales service on discord and the possibility of exchanging with other customers.

  • Eric F

    Efficient and quality service I first ordered a 24-hour test which I got in less than an hour, then I took out the one-year subscription since the test suited me and the same I took it I had during the day .. a follow-up on discord something that I did not have elsewhere, it is obvious that I do not intend to change given the seriousness of the team

  • Amelle E

    I was hesitant to take it because I found it a little cheaper elsewhere, but after testing, putting 5 euros more and having such a difference in quality and service is well worth it. Lots of children's content, whether cartoon or manga, there's something for everyone (I took it especially for them lol)

  • David P.

    I haven't found better value for money.. I'm taking off a star for the moment because I haven't tested long enough to put the 5 I'll modify and add the missing star if it stays as good all along

  • Charlotte S

    I who am not good at this kind of installation I must admit that it is not so complicated, I installed xciptv they asked me for my identifiers which I received following my purchase and miraculously I succeeded … thanks to LssjCrono who guided me personally for the installation and his patience.

  • Myriam B

    Bravo and thank you for your work

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