Install and configure the NanoMid app

With the explosion in popularity of IPTV services, there are many applications to enjoy these services on different devices. One of them is NanoMid . A reliable and easy-to-use IPTV application . In this tutorial, we explain to you how to install and configure the NanoMid application to benefit from IPTV from Cover IPTV , the leader in IPTV services in France and also in Europe. Visit Cover TV to discover our exclusive offers and subscriptions.

Installation tutorial to install and configure nanomid with Cover IPTV

Download and install Nanomid

To get started, download the Nanomid app. Either from the Google Play Store for Android devices, the App Store for iOS devices or on the store integrated into your Smart TV. So follow the installation instructions to install Nanomid on your device.

Get your m3u playlist link

Head over to our IPTV deals page to choose one of our exclusive IPTV subscriptions. Once you sign up for a subscription, you will receive a unique m3u playlist link containing the TV channels and content you selected.

Configure Nanomid with your Cover TV subscription

  • To get started, Open the NanoMid app and click on Otp Code at the bottom left and stay on this page. Then go to the nanomid website using another device.
    Go to the center of the page
install Nanomid insert your m3u and the OTP Code

  • In the Name box: write for example Cover IPTV
  • In the url box: copy the M3U url of your Cover IPTV subscription
  • In the OTP code box, copy the OTP code displayed on your television.
  • Finally, Click on “add playlist” to validate.

Enjoy your IPTV

Return to the main Nanomid screen and select your “Cover TV” playlist. You will now see all the channels and content included in your Cover IPTV subscription. You can start enjoying your favorite programs, movies and series on your device.


Thanks to this tutorial, you now know how to install and configure the NanoMid application to take full advantage of Cover IPTV's IPTV. Don't forget to visit our IPTV deals page to discover our exclusive offers and enjoy the best IPTV experience possible. Good viewing !

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