How to install IPTV on your PlayStation 4?

Are you a happy PlayStation 4 owner and want to enjoy IPTV directly on your console? Good news, it's now entirely possible with Cover IPTV. In this article, we explain step by step how to install IPTV on your PlayStation 4 and take advantage of our exceptional offers.

tutorial install IPTV Cover on playstation 4

Step 1: Installing Plex Media Server on your computer

To get started, you need to install Plex Media Server on your computer. Plex is a media management software that allows you to stream IPTV from Cover IPTV to your PlayStation 4 . Here's how to do it:

  1. Visit the official Plex website at the following address:

  2. Then click "Download" and choose the version suitable for your operating system (Windows, macOS, Linux).

  3. Install Plex Media Server on your computer by following the on-screen instructions.

  4. Create a Plex account or log in with your credentials if you already have one.

Step 2: Install the IPTV plugin on Plex

Once Plex Media Server is installed on your computer, you must add the IPTV plugin which will allow you to enjoy IPTV. Here are the steps to follow :

  1. Download the IPTV plugin from this link:

  2. Extract the downloaded ZIP file and rename the extracted folder to “IPTV.bundle” .

  3. Copy the “IPTV.bundle” folder to the Plex plugins directory. This directory is usually located in the "Application Support" folder of your operating system.

  4. Restart Plex Media Server for the IPTV plugin to take effect.

Step 3: Setting up the IPTV plugin with your Cover IPTV subscription

Now that the IPTV plugin is installed on Plex, it's time to configure it with your IPTV Cover subscription information:

  1. Open the Plex interface in your web browser by navigating to http://localhost:32400/web

  2. Next, log in with your Plex account if necessary.

  3. Click the "Plugins" icon in the left column, then click "IPTV" to open the plugin settings.

  4. Enter the URL of your M3U playlist in the "Playlist URL" field. This URL was provided to you when you subscribed to your IPTV Cover subscription.

  5. Validate by clicking on “Save” to save the settings and update the list of available channels.

Step 4: Installing and configuring the Plex app on your PlayStation 4

To enjoy IPTV Cover on your PlayStation 4, you must install the Plex application on the console and therefore connect it to your Plex account. Here's how to do it:

  1. Turn on your PlayStation 4 and log in to your user account.

  2. Go to PlayStation Store and search for "Plex" in the search bar.

  3. Download and install the Plex app on your console.

  4. Open the Plex app and sign in with the same credentials used for Plex Media Server on your computer.

  5. Wait for the app to detect your Plex server and sync your IPTV channel library.

Step 5: Enjoy IPTV Cover on your PlayStation 4

Once the Plex application is installed and configured on your PlayStation 4, you can finally enjoy Cover IPTV on your console:

  1. Navigate the Plex interface to access your list of IPTV channels.

  2. Select the channel you want to watch and press the "X" button on your controller to start playback.

Enjoy your favorite IPTV channels now directly on your PlayStation 4, with the quality and stability offered by Cover IPTV.


There you go, you now know how to install and enjoy Cover IPTV on your PlayStation 4. Don't wait any longer to discover our IPTV subscriptions and choose the one that best suits your needs. We are a reference in IPTV in France and throughout Europe. Additionally, we pride ourselves on providing you with a quality viewing experience, across all your devices. Join the community of our satisfied users now.

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