How to install TiviMate with IPTV Cover?

Why Choose TiviMate for Your IPTV Experience?

TiviMate is a renowned IPTV application. Known for its ease of use, elegant interface and also its extensive compatibility with many Android devices and Android TV. It is therefore perfectly suited for Cover IPTV users, offering an optimal user experience. Using this detailed tutorial, find out how to install TiviMate with IPTV Cover

Install and configure TiviMate with the best IPTV Cover IPTV

Preparing and Installing TiviMate

  1. Installation on your Android device/Android TV : Start by downloading TiviMate from the Google Play Store. For Android TV users, the search can be done directly from the store on your TV.

  2. Access to advanced features : TiviMate also offers a premium version offering additional features. Purchasing this version is optional, but recommended for the full experience. To have full access to VOD for example, it is necessary to upgrade to the premium version.

Configuring TiviMate with your Cover IPTV Subscription

In this tutorial, we explain how to take advantage of your IPTV subscription with your M3U playlist or in Xtream Code.

  1. Obtain your IPTV subscription credentials : Go to our IPTV offers and choose the subscription that best suits your needs. We recommend the Cover + Python offer which is the ideal offer for using TiviMate. Indeed TiviMate allows you to mix several playlists from several different servers without needing to switch from server to server.

  2. Opening the application : Launch TiviMate and navigate to the 'Add Playlist' option. After clicking on this button the following page offers you to connect either in M3U playlist or in Xtream Codes or in Staker Portal.
    TiviMate app connection method with Cover IPTV
  3. Entering subscription details
    - To connect with the M3U Playlist option:
    Click on M3U Playlist then copy the M3U URL that you received when you subscribed to Cover IPTV. This URL is essential for accessing your list of channels and content.
    Copy your M3U playlist on the TiviMate application with Cover IPTV

    - If you prefer to connect using Xtream codes:
    Click on Xtream Codes and enter your identifiers given when you subscribed to your IPTV subscription.
    Connect in Xtream Codes with the best IPTV on the TiviMate application
  4. Personalizing your experience : TiviMate also allows you to personalize the interface and settings to meet your viewing preferences. So take the time to configure aspects such as channel organization, TV guides (EPG), and more.

Enjoy Your IPTV Experience with TiviMate

Once configured, TiviMate is ready to use. Explore a wide range of channels and content offered by Cover IPTV. With TiviMate, you can easily navigate channels, access TV guides and enjoy optimal picture quality.

Support and Assistance

If you encounter any difficulties or have any questions regarding installing or using TiviMate with Cover IPTV, our support team is here to help. Visit our contact page or join our community on Discord for fast, personalized support.


TiviMate, in combination with Cover IPTV subscriptions, delivers a rich and seamless TV experience. Whether you are a fan of sports, films or series, this configuration guarantees you optimal satisfaction. Don't wait any longer and discover our offers to start your IPTV adventure with TiviMate!

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