Flix IPTV Tutorial for Smart TV

Flix IPTV is an IPTV application mainly used for Smart TVs (connected TVs). This paid application, however, offers a 7-day free trial. Allowing you to test its functionality before committing to purchase. So take advantage of our guide with the tutorial installing Flix IPTV for Smart TV. With Flix IPTV make the most of our IPTV offers on Cover IPTV .

install flix iptv with this detailed tutorial Cover IPTV

Step 1: Download the Flix IPTV app

First, go to your Smart TV store and search for “Flix IPTV”. Afterwards, download and install the application. The price of the application is €7.99.

Step 2: Find your MAC address

Once the app is installed, open it and note the MAC address displayed on the screen. If you can't find it on the home page, go to the app settings to locate it. Leave your TV on on the page displaying the MAC address.

Step 3: Go to the Flix IPTV website

Then, Use another device (PC, smartphone, tablet, etc.) to access the Flix IPTV site at the following address: https://flixiptv.eu/mylist .

Step 4: Enter your MAC address and URL

Enter the MAC address displayed on your TV (step 2) in the "MAC Address" box. In the “URL” box, insert the M3U link of your IPTV Subscription or the 24-hour test that you can obtain on our site.

Step 5: Submit the information

Click "Send" to send the information.

Step 6: Restart the Flix IPTV app on your TV

Once the information has been sent, restart the Flix IPTV application on your Smart TV.

Congratulations ! Thanks to our Flix IPTV tutorial for Smart TV, you can now enjoy our IPTV services on your television. However, we recommend using an IPTV box rather than using a Smart TV. because some connected TVs are not well adapted to ensure optimal quality. Discover our offers and choose the one that best suits your needs on CoverTV .

Flix IPTV tutorial in video:

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