Installation and configuration of Bay IPTV on Smart TV

Technological developments allow us to have ever more captivating television experiences. Thus, IPTV, or Internet Protocol Television, represents the future of entertainment today. At the heart of this revolution, we find powerful applications like Bay IPTV for Smart TV . When this app is properly configured, it promises hours of high-definition entertainment. How to go about it ? Let's discover together the steps to follow for installing and configuring Bay IPTV on SMART TV.

Why choose Bay IPTV?

Streaming TV has become the norm, and for good reason. It offers unparalleled flexibility , variety and quality compared to traditional delivery methods. When you install and configure Bay IPTV on Smart TV, you can watch what you want, when you want. And all this, without being limited by rigid programming schedules. Bay IPTV is part of this trend, offering an exceptional streaming experience on Smart TVs.

Tutorial to install Bay IPTV with Cover IPTV

Bay IPTV installation and configuration guide on Smart TV

To properly install and configure Bay IPTV on your Smart TV , please follow the following instructions:

1. Downloading the app :

First, to enjoy the Bay IPTV experience, go to your Smart TV store. Type “Bay IPTV” in the search bar and install the app. An operation that only takes a few moments.

2. Launch and Recovery of the MAC Code :

After downloading the app, open it. From the outset, an intuitive interface is displayed, highlighting a crucial element: the MAC code. Take care to write down this code, as it will be essential later.

3. Go to the Bay IPTV management site :

Now, armed with your MAC code, head to the site dedicated to configuration: . This site is the heart of the configuration, where everything falls into place.

4. On-site configuration :

  • In the box labeled “MAC” , carefully insert the previously noted MAC code.

  • The “playlist name” box is your personalization space. For a recognizable experience, why not name it “Cover IPTV”?

  • Next, the “M3U playlist” field requires special attention. This is where you must insert the M3U link that you received when subscribing to an IPTV subscription. If you haven't done so yet, this is the perfect opportunity to discover our exceptional offers on Cover IPTV . Once the link is inserted, you are almost at the end.

  • For security reasons, validate the “I am not a robot” captcha.

  • Finally, click “Send” to finalize the process.
    Tutorial to insert an M3U playlist with the mac code on Bay IPTV


Installation and configuration of Bay IPTV on Smart TV Bay IPTV promises an extraordinary television experience. Follow this step-by-step guide and dive into the heart of modern entertainment. If you ever encounter the slightest problem, do not hesitate to contact us via the contact page or consult our other tutorials available here .

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