How to install and use IBO Player with Cover IPTV

Find out how to install and use IBO Player with our detailed tutorial.

IBO Player is a stable and high-performance IPTV application for Smart TV. Paid (8 euros), it therefore offers you the possibility of testing it before even purchasing it. IBO Player is surely one of the best streaming players. It allows you to watch the channels of your IPTV subscription easily on your Smart TV, Android (TV, box, Fire Stick, etc.) and Apple TV. Then follow our detailed installation guide to take advantage of our IPTV offers on Cover IPTV .

Download the IBO Player app

To get started, go to your Smart TV's store and search for "IBO Player". Next, download and install the app.

Note the MAC address and device ID

After installing the application, open it and note the MAC address and device ID displayed on your TV. Leave your TV on on this page.

Register on the IBO Player website

Go to (For Ibo player pro: )

in order to enter your Device MAC Address and your Device Key (displayed on the application) to identify yourself.

Ibo player iptv tutorial

Add a playlist

You arrive on the Ibo player website to manage your playlists. You have two identification methods:

  • “+Add playlist”: simply copy the M3U link that you received during your purchase or test request on our Cover IPTV site.
  • “+Add XC Playlist”: insert your IPTV credentials.

Validate and restart the application

Click “Save” to validate, then restart the IBO Player application on your television.

Congratulations, now you know how to install and use IBO Player. You can now enjoy your Cover IPTV subscription using IBO Player! However, we recommend using an IPTV box more suited to IPTV services rather than going directly via your Smart TV. Discover our offers and choose the one that suits you best on CoverTV .

Thank you for reading, hope this has been helpful to you.

Ibo Player video presentation:

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