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Experience this evocative Sound of Freedom film now with Cover IPTV. Cinema, this mirror of reality, sometimes offers us nuggets that transcend simple entertainment. One of these gems is now freshly available in our IPTV offerings. The poignant impact of “Sound of Freedom”. which highlights a fierce fight against child trafficking.

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A screenplay based on a true story

Release scheduled for November 15, 2023 in theaters. This 2h 11min drama is a fusion of action, biopic and thriller. Signed by Alejandro Monteverde, with a script collaboration from Rod Barr, “Sound of Freedom” is therefore a must-see this year. Starring Jim Caviezel, Bill Camp, and Cristal Aparicio. The film then promises total immersion.

The heartbreaking synopsis of “Sound of Freedom”

Focusing on the fierce fight against child trafficking, "Sound of Freedom" is a cinematic interpretation of Tim Ballard's story. Indeed, a former United States Homeland Security agent, Ballard founded Operation Underground Railroad (OUR), an organization dedicated to combating child sex trafficking. When a young boy is rescued from evil clutches, the discovery that his sister is still in captivity pushes our protagonist to act, whatever the cost.

Sound of Freedom available now on Cover IPTV

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