The Little Mermaid: A captivating underwater journey to discover on Cover IPTV 🧜‍♀️🎬

A great classic revisited: The Little Mermaid 🌊🐚

Discover the magnificent and rebellious Ariel in a new adaptation of the great Disney classic, The Little Mermaid . This adventure, family and fantasy film is directed by Rob Marshall, and stars Halle Bailey, Jonah Hauer-King and Melissa McCarthy. You can experience this masterpiece in high definition thanks to our Cover IPTV service.

The Little Mermaid: an epic underwater story streaming IPTV 🐠💫

Dive into the blue waters of the Caribbean in the 1830s, where you will meet Ariel, the youngest daughter of King Triton. Endowed with an adventurer's temperament, she never ceases to be attracted by the world that exists beyond the waves. Ariel falls under the spell of Prince Eric during one of his escapades on the surface. She then makes a pact with Ursula, the terrible sea witch, without realizing that this puts her life and her father's throne in danger.

Travel under the sea with Cover IPTV 🐙📺

Feel all the magic of The Little Mermaid with the premium streaming quality of Cover IPTV . Let yourself be carried away by Ariel's captivating story and experience the action as if you were at the heart of the story.

Cover IPTV: your home base for The Little Mermaid and more 🎥⚓

Cover IPTV not only offers you The Little Mermaid , but also a wide selection of films and series to discover. Don't hesitate to try our 24-hour IPTV free trial and immerse yourself in the wonderful underwater world of The Little Mermaid .

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