The Exorcist Devotion: A Terrifying Journey on Cover IPTV

The Exorcist Devotion , directed by David Gordon Green , is one of the most anticipated cinematic releases of this year and available on Cover IPTV. This film, released in theaters on October 11, 2023, lasts 1h52 and belongs to the Horror-horror genre.

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Synopsis of The Exorcist Devotion

Twelve years after the tragic death of his pregnant wife during an earthquake in Haiti, Victor Fielding is raising their daughter Angela alone. However, the calm of their lives is disrupted when Angela and her friend Katherine mysteriously disappear into the woods. Only to resurface 72 hours later, devoid of any memory. Strange events then begin to occur. Confronting Victor with terrifying evil forces. In his quest for answers and salvation, Victor turns to Chris MacNeil, the only living witness to have faced such entities.

This film, with its chilling atmosphere , promises thrills to all fans of the genre. If you are a fan of exorcism stories and also dark forces, “The Exorcist Devotion” is a must-see and not to be missed on Cover IPTV.

Discover “The Exorcist Devotion” on Cover IPTV

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