Medellín: a journey into the world of drug trafficking, available on Cover IPTV 🍿🎬

The fabric of Medellín 📖

Follow the daring story of Pablito, a young YouTuber fascinated by Pablo Escobar , through the sensational film Medellín . Directed by Franck Gastambide and starring Anouar Toubali and Ramzy Bedia , this captivating film is now available to all our subscribers on Cover IPTV .

An unforgettable adventure in Medellín 🌍🚀

Pablito, fascinated by the life of Pablo Escobar, decides to make his dream come true by going to Medellín in the footsteps of this famous drug lord. But this daring adventure turns into a nightmare when he is captured by dangerous narcos demanding a colossal ransom. “Plata o Plomo!” What was just a dream of adventure for Pablito quickly becomes a terrifying nightmare.

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Medellín is available on Cover IPTV as soon as it is released on Amazon Prime on June 2, 2023. With our IPTV service, you can enjoy this essential film wherever you are and at any time, from any type of connected media, thanks to our diversified offers, available here .

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