Pattie and the Wrath of Poseidon: an Extraordinary Animated Odyssey! 🌊🐭

An incredible adventure awaits you! 🎬🌟

Lovers of Greek mythology 🏺 and adventure films, hang in there! At Cover IPTV , we are excited to bring you "Pattie and the Wrath of Poseidon", an animated treasure that will delight the whole family. 😄👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

A fantastic animated film lasting 1h36! ⏰👏

Produced by the talented team of David Alaux, Eric Tosti, and Jean-François Tosti, and featuring the voices of Kaycie Chase, Christophe Lemoine, and Emmanuel Curtil, this film will transport you to the beautiful and prosperous port city of Yolcos in Ancient Greece. ⛵🏛️

Synopsis 🎥🌟

Life in Yolcos goes peacefully until the population is threatened by the wrath of Poseidon. 🌊😱 This is where our heroine, an adventurous young mouse, and the cat who adopted her, intervene. They will unknowingly help old Jason and his Argonauts in their quest to save the city.

But they will quickly realize that they have more to offer than help. In fact, they will have to face some of the most dangerous mythical creatures of Greek mythology and overcome all the dangers for them. 😮🐉

Where to see this masterpiece? 📺🌟

Pattie and the Wrath of Poseidon ” is available in our IPTV offers. You won't miss this unforgettable journey through Greek mythology!

So, are you ready for adventure? Join us on Cover Iptv and enjoy this fantastic film as well as many other offers. You can also contact us on Discord and WhatsApp for more information.

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