The Equalizer 3 – Robert McCall returns in force on Cover IPTV

Introduction 🎬

The cinematographic sphere is in turmoil with the release of the long-awaited “The Equalizer 3”, now accessible on Cover IPTV. The promise ? Unbridled action, a gripping plot, and the triumphant return of the iconic Denzel Washington.

A look back at a renewed trilogy 🔄

Since August 30, 2023, in a 1h 50min production, under the aegis of Antoine Fuqua and the ingenious screenplay by Richard Wenk, we find the shadowy and fascinating universe of Robert McCall.

Synopsis 📖

🚫 Prohibited for children under 12 years old

After abandoning a life as a government assassin, Robert McCall aspires to a peaceful existence in southern Italy. But his past haunts him, especially when he discovers that his loved ones are threatened by the local mafia. Coerced and forced, McCall returns to service to put an end to the threat.

An exceptional casting 🌟

The incomparable Denzel Washington returns, supported by Dakota Fanning and David Denman, to deliver memorable performances.

The Equalizer 3 on Cover IPTV: an experience not to be missed 📺

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Conclusion 🎥

Embark with Robert McCall on this new quest for justice. Dive into the heart of the action with Cover IPTV and don't hesitate to browse our product page for a rich and varied selection. See you soon for a new cinematic adventure!

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