Tirailleurs: A poignant film to discover on Cover Iptv

In the world of IPTV, the diversity of content is a major asset to satisfy all tastes. Today, we present to you a moving and powerful film not to be missed on our server: Tirailleurs . This feature film traces the history of African soldiers who fought for France during the Second World War.

Synopsis and historical context

Tirailleurs highlights the little-known story of African soldiers, originally from French colonies, who fought to liberate France during the Second World War. The film follows the journey of these courageous and determined men, called “tirailleurs”, who braved dangers and hardships to defend a country that was not theirs.

The film also explores the difficulties these soldiers faced, both militarily and socially and culturally. Indeed, the tirailleurs were often victims of discrimination and contempt from their French comrades, despite their unfailing commitment and their sacrifices for the cause.

A film not to be missed on our IPTV server

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